Pretty nasty news

Pretty nasty news

Find out what you’re really eating and other disgusting tidbits!

It’s only Wednesday, so you probably haven’t maxed out on your weekly quota of gross-out news. Get ready to ban yourself from the Internet for the next few days with these doozies, though…

The nasty food you eat

Think your ice cream and candy are innocent sweet indulgences? Think their only devilish ingredient is that awful white sugar we all love to hate? Think again. Try beaver anal secretions, animal bones, crushed bugs, sawdust, and even human hair! That’s right, folks; fast food and fast groceries have turned us into fast cannibals. For even more disgusting ingredients that may make you never want to eat bread, red or pink food or shredded cheese again, click here.The nasty crap you drink

If you’ve seen that stupid Pinterest experiment about making Mountain Dew glow, well, it’s a hoax. I know, I was disappointed too, as we tried the experiment and everything! Yeah, we got duped bad. But don’t fret, Mountain Dew can still gross you out: apparently the drink will dissolve a rat. This stuff seriously comes from PepsiCo itself, who, upon faced with a lawsuit about an apparent dead rodent in a product, countered the claim with something to the effect of “Well, that’s poppycock, since our lovely drinks would make a small mammal disintegrate in that time period.” Hmm. So what is your product doing to our intestines, then?

The nasty low-fat food you try to lose weight with

You know those low-fat muffins, candies, and other junk food sold as “healthy” alternatives to, say, potato chips and cookies? It turns out that they may not be as healthy as you thought. In fact, many of these foods are full of refined wheat, sugars, and other junk while they are also devoid (or have a reduced content) of healthier carbohydrates and heart-healthy oils. A good rule of thumb is to snub anything that says “A lowfat food!” with a bunch of day-glow wrapping surrounding it, or just read your labels carefully.

The nasty food with a nasty bad rap

As a Midwesterner, I know our fried chicken, fried okra, and pretty much fried everything (I know a sno-cone stand that sells fried hotdogs, Oreos, and Twinkies!) often gets a bad rap. And I’ll agree that grilled and steamed foods are much healthier than our yummy, juicy breaded and deep-fried gold. But it turns out that some of the hype may be wrong; a new study may prove that heart disease, at least, is not caused by fried foods. In fact, it may simply be the oil used for cooking that is to blame rather than the food itself. Olive and sunflower oils are thought to be safe for use for people worried about their tickers.