The Truth About Milk

The Truth About Milk

Milk is something that most kids are taught to drink from the time they were little.  Parents always tell their children about how drinking milk will help them to grow taller and stronger.  However, not everyone believes milk is wholesome and healthy.  There are groups of people online who strongly believe milk is a toxin that is extremely deadly and poisonous.  So what is the real truth about milk?

Alan Aragon is a nutritionist who recently did his own research on the health benefits and dangers of milk.  He read through the many studies and findings that have been discovered over the years about milk, and made his own conclusions about them.  So what is Alan Aragon’s verdict on milk?

For starters, he believes there is some truth to milk helping people to burn fat.  The calcium in the milk is what is able to help up the rate of fat burning in the human’s body.  However, Aragon did note the fact that milk is not a miracle weight loss solution.  You cannot expect to get rid of belly fat just because you drink milk while pigging out at dinner buffets.

Something Alan Aragon definitely agrees with is that milk can help to promote the growth of strong muscles.  Also, Aragon does agree with milk being a wonderful post-workout fuel source.  The reason is that the protein in milk can be broken down quickly.

What about the fear of antibiotics in milk?  There is no concrete proof for it affecting milk consumers.  However, if that is your only reason for not drinking milk, you can always get the antibiotic-free milk.