Greek Yogurt: Once a Niche Health Food, Now Mainstream

Greek Yogurt: Once a Niche Health Food, Now Mainstream

"The only downfall of Greek yogurt over traditional yogurt is the price"

A great "health" food that has now been introduced to mainstream America is Greek yogurt. What is not to love about this yogurt? It has a great, traditional yogurt taste with twice the protein of typical yogurt. It has calcium, all of those healthy yogurt cultures and probiotics, and comes in many wonderful flavors. This is my new obsession, and it is thankfully now available at supermarkets everywhere. There are mainstream yogurt brands that have now introduced a Greek version. Yoplait and Dannon are the two that I have tried.  This is what I thought of them:

Dannon Oikos was the first supermarket Greek yogurt that I tried. I have now tried the honey flavor, the blueberry flavor and the strawberry flavor. There are several other flavors available that I have not tried yet. Let me just say that the honey-flavored Oikos is heavenly! The blueberry and strawberry were okay, just not as good as the honey. Dannon Oikos has a thick, creamy texture that has a very different mouth feel than traditional yogurt. Some may love it, and some may hate it. I personally love this texture, and it will keep my purchasing this yogurt again and again.

If you do not like Dannon Oikos, you may love Yoplait Greek. It has the traditional yogurt texture that many people are used to, and traditional yogurt tanginess. If you like traditional yogurt but have not liked other brands of Greek yogurt that you have tried, give Yoplait Greek a try and you may change your mind about Greek yogurt. This would also be great for parents who would like to include a little extra protein in their children's diets.

The only downfall of Greek yogurt over traditional yogurt is the price. Each 5-6 ounce container costs around a dollar or a few cents more. Keep in mind that you are paying a few extra cents for protein, though, and sources of protein tend to be a bit expensive. I think this price is pretty reasonable for the nutrition that you get from this yogurt.  Look for sales and coupons and you can find great deals at the supermarket.