January 2012

Chia Seeds: Health Benefits and Great Recipe Idea

I mentioned Chia seeds briefly in my last blog on including more fiber in your diet. Chia seeds are my latest health food discovery, and along with having lots of fiber, they also have many other health benefits. I recently purchased an overpriced bag of Chialife Chia seeds from GNC, because I was eager to try them and did not want to have to wait for an order to be shipped to me. I paid $18 for 12 ounces at GNC, but I will order my next batch from chiaseedsdirect.com for $20 for 3 pounds, including shipping. After trying these seeds, they are now a staple in my daily diet. Here are some of the additional benefits of Chia seeds that make them practically a food for the Gods:

Tips for Getting More Fiber in Your Diet

Veggies, Cereals, High Fiber Grains, and Chia Seeds

Fiber ranks as one of the top all-natural health foods that must be included in your daily diet. When many think of fiber, they think of Metamucil and other supplements that aid with constipation. The stigma of fiber only being helpful for those who are constipated is extremely false. Fiber helps to lower cholesterol levels, helps people maintain a healthy weight and helps maintain colon and digestive tract health. The benefits of increasing fiber in your diet are almost never ending. Here are some ways to increase your fiber consumption on an everyday basis: